Rapier 33

Rapier 33

The stunning new generation Rapier 33 was designed by Alan Entwistle, the British guitar design genius responsible for many successful guitar models and accessories . For more than five decades , British Alan Entwistle has worked tirelessly behind the scenes with many of the industry 's most respected guitar brands , specializing in guitar pickups and electronic connections.

The original Rapier 33, featuring a forward center pickup, was a solid-body electric guitar that played an important role in British guitar manufacturing and electric guitar music. This legendary guitar served countless future British Beat groups of the 60s and was the credit game of many guitarists starting their careers in the early stages of their careers in the 60s and 70s.

While Entwistle has successfully retained all the great features and visuals of the original 'legendary' Rapier 33, special attention has been paid to the component selection, construction and playability of this stunning new model.


Let's mention: Okoume from Central Africa, which is suitable due to its natural sound properties, was chosen as the frame wood. For speed, comfort and accuracy, the soft C-profile neck is made from Canadian maple. The neck is fastened with four bolts. Fully adjustable collar. 12" radius rosewood fingerboard with 23 medium jumbo frets (including zero fret).

Accurate intonation, tuning and tuning after using the vibra are guaranteed by the chrome-colored high-quality Rapier 33 vibra mechanism, which now has a high-quality roller bridge bridge. The neck is served by a smooth, frictionless, precisely cut 43 mm GraphTech Nubone saddle, and Wilkinson EZ-Lok tuners take care of the tuning.

Appearance: for example, the gorgeous sunburst color has a 3-layer (black, white, black) plectrum cover, a cool Rapier33 headstock logo, a long vibrato crank, and great vintage spirited pot knobs and Mickey shells, which make the guitar look very visually impressive. In addition to great looks, modern technology including pickups, internal wiring and electronic components have all experienced Entwistle's magic touch. Other colors are Fiesta Red, Daphne Blue and Arctic White.

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The Rapier has three quiet EWR64 minihumbucker pickups designed by Entwistle, with a traditional yet balanced and clear sound. Especially when the pickup is used in conjunction with the Bass Cut switch, it provides the classic and beloved 60's wonderful raspy guitar sound.

"The volume control is a linear 500k pot and the tone is a logarithmic 500k pot," says Alan. "For jazz and blues musicians, a 15 nanofarad capacitor has been added to the tone, which maintains its brightness. It also brings a classic rich sound, especially when played with distortion.

The original rhythm/solo changeover switch has been wired into a 3-position pickup selector, which can be used to select between neck, neck & bridge and bridge pickup selections. When the middle pickup can now be selected for use via another slide switch, there are a total of 7 pickup situations to choose from, which further improves the versatility of the guitar.

With today's components and technology and 2020s playability and performance, the new generation Rapier 33 is sure to evoke nostalgic memories for old-school players and collectors. At the same time, it is also the choice of professionals and active enthusiasts, which is also perfect for open- minded young talents.

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