Aron's Instrument Club

At Aron Soit's club, you can organize gigs, parties, concerts, events, trainings, recordings, trainings, etc.

Aron I called the club prices: €110 / h including technology. The technician's services are billed separately.

The size of the hall is about 150m2. 100 customer places. Minimum billing 3h.

Affordable contract prices for regular customers, e.g. for playing lessons, frequent band practices.

See below the list of equipment and our affordable daily prices for activities without an audience!

Aron Soit's club in Herttoniemi is now available for rent on weeknights at an hourly price for band practices , recordings, PA practices , etc.

Available on weekdays after 5 pm. Price €60/hour.


Odery Privilege BD 22", SD 14", 4 x Toms (10", 12", 14", 16"), stands (3x cymbal stands, snare, hh)

Bass levels:
*Orange 4 x 10" cabinet and Orange bass Terror knob


*Ibanez Thermion tube knob & Marshall JCM800 Lead 1960 4x12" cabinet
*Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 1x12" tube combo

*dBTechnologies groundstack (2 x S30(sub), 2 x S10(sub), 4 x T4 & 2x T12 (lineararray top)
*Monitors/headers: 4 x dBTechnologies DVX DM12 & 4 x dBTechnologies VIO X10
*Shure PSM300 wireless ear monitor system (headphones not included) +
*Behringer P1 wired headphone amplifier x 1
*Midas M32 + DL32 pallet box
*Presonus StudioLive 32 + (stage box/rack mixer)
*Presonus StudioLive AR24 (stage box/rack mixer)
*CAT5 draw between mixing point and stage

Instrument and vocal mics (e.g. Shure, Sennheiser, Akg, Beyerdynamic, Lewitt)

2 wireless Shuren Beta58 vocal microphones

gig lights approx. 30 led & halogen bulbs & controller

analog remote cable 24/4

Sing karaoke

Video cannon and screen 120"

Prices starting from

€60* / hour



* Attention! The prices are valid for activities that take place on weeknights without an audience. The renter is responsible for proper use of the equipment and replaces equipment broken due to misuse, etc.