Guitar maintenance price list

Change of strings incl. wiping the fingerboard €39 + languages
Trimming the instrument (cleaning, neck adjustment, intonation, changing strings) €69 + languages
Extensive trimming of the instrument (cleaning, tightening and adjusting the tuning mechanism, checking and adjusting the upper saddle, checking and polishing the condition of the fingerboards, cleaning and processing the fingerboard, adjusting the neck iron, checking and adjusting the sole, adjusting the height of the strings as desired, adjusting the intonation, cleaning, tightening and lubricating the electric parts, adjusting the height and balance of the microphones, checking and tightening the strap knobs, changing strings, evaluating the need for additional maintenance and test driving) €120 + languages
Grinding of grip bands (including trimming) €160 + languages
Manufacturing of the top saddle €80 + blank
Calculus preparation (compensated) €80 + blank
Replacing the tuning mechanism (without taping) 40 – 80 €

Added to the maintenance price of the Floyd Rose guitar

+ €12

Electrical work
Microphone replacement (electric guitar) €80 + €10/piece next
Potentiometer replacement 40 – 80 €
Clutch replacement 40 – 80 €
Change of jacket 40 – 80 €
Installation of a microphone on an acoustic instrument 80 – 160 €
Hourly charge for repairs €80
Minimum charge for hourly work is 1 h €80
Assessment of the condition of the damaged instrument
and a written statement