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Black Country Customs Monolith Distortion

Black Country Customs Monolith Distortion

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Introducing the Black Country Customs Monolith Distortion, the ultimate distortion pedal for guitar players who demand dynamic response and versatility. Designed with the same attention to detail as a tube amplifier, this pedal responds to your playing style and intensity to deliver a truly unique sound.

With three different distortion modes to choose from, the Monolith offers a range of tones to suit any playing style. Whether you prefer a heavily compressed distortion, a classic overdrive, or a more subtle crunch, the three-color LED indicator makes it easy to switch between modes on the fly.

Crafted by hand in Laney's small workshop, the Monolith features a range of controls to fine-tune your sound, including Distortion, Volume, Range, and Tone. The Range control allows you to adjust the pedal's response to your guitar's lower frequencies, making it ideal for cleaning up muddy humbucker tones.

And with a quiet footswitch, the Monolith is perfect for use in any live performance or recording setting. Don't settle for a one-dimensional distortion pedal - upgrade to the Black Country Customs Monolith Distortion and experience the ultimate in dynamic, versatile tone.

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