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Darkglass Exponent 500 bass amplifier

Darkglass Exponent 500 bass amplifier

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Darkglass Exponent 500

Darkglass Exponent 500 is a "pure" bass amplifier that offers a compact, light but powerful 500-watt platform regardless of playing style. The device that amplifies the natural sound of the bass can be perfectly programmed with signal routing and various effect modeling using the Darkglass Suite application.

The Darkglass Exponent 500 is a modern device, like an "amplifier base", whose ever-growing effects library can be loaded with endless front-stage models, compressors, distortions, modulation effects and impulse responses - everything that a demanding bassist can imagine.

The end result is really versatile, like a sturdy bassist's Swiss-link, to which new blades are constantly being added. It can be carried in the side pocket of a bass bag, for example, and is suitable for every situation, from the studio to clubs and stadium stages.

Darkglass from Helsinki has become popular with world-class bassists for good reason. The inventive workshop of Chilean-born Douglas Castro began its activities by bringing a series of excellent pedals to the sound palette of bass players. After this came light, good-sounding and extremely frost-friendly amplifiers, and finally the active electronics sets for basses. Now Darkglass is in its own territory, building the future of bass sound in such a way that it serves both existing and future needs.

Technical information:

  • 500 W bass amplifier
  • Master and Drive controls
  • Four-band semi-parametric EQ
  • There are currently 4 overdrives in the effects section, a tube-style preamp, three different ones spatial reverberation, three filter sets, four classic modulation effects, compressor and noise reduction
  • Balanced DI output
  • Midi
  • Ground lift
  • Speaker simulation
  • Headphone output
  • USB bus
  • Dimensions: 210 x 175 x 60 mm
  • Weight 1.65 kg

Additional information:

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 210 × 175 × 60 cm

Darkglass Electronics

Amplifier type

Knob, Class D amplifiers

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