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DiMarzio DP265F Velorum tallamikki

DiMarzio DP265F Velorum tallamikki

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Introducing the DiMarzio DP265F Velorum Special Edition Gravity Storm pickup - a true gem for guitar enthusiasts. This F-Spaced version boasts a stunning golden finish with a meticulously etched Vai logo and rays emanating from it. But it's not just about the looks - the Velorum pickup is a next-level evolution of Steve Vai's signature pickups, designed to deliver depth, warmth, and clarity in the upper and mid frequencies.

With a ceramic magnet and a power output of 340mV, the Velorum pickup is a powerhouse that emphasizes tone and sustain without sacrificing clarity. Its easy "plug and play" style means that you can easily adjust your amp's treble and presence settings without losing any of the great sound and sustain.

But that's not all - DiMarzio offers a wide range of customizations for its pickups, including different covers and color options. Plus, the F-Spaced design ensures that your guitar's strings fit perfectly over the pickup, providing optimal sound quality.

Whether you're a professional musician or a hobbyist, the DiMarzio DP265F Velorum Special Edition Gravity Storm pickup is a must-have for any serious guitarist looking to take their sound to the next level. So why wait? Order yours today and experience the ultimate in tone and clarity.

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