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DiMarzio15cm efektijohto EP17J06PK

DiMarzio15cm efektijohto EP17J06PK

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Introducing the DiMarzio15cm efektijohto EP17J06PK - the ultimate solution for your effects pedal setup! With its vibrant PK Neon Pink color, this 15cm cable is not only functional but also stylish.

Crafted with high-quality materials, this cable ensures that your signal passes through without any unwanted interference or distortion. The top-of-the-line plugs guarantee a secure and seamless connection to your pedals, and the molded design of the angled plugs ensures that they won't come loose even during the most intense performances.

The cable is also encased in a durable braided shield that provides protection against any accidental bumps or knocks.

Upgrade your effects pedal setup today with the DiMarzio15cm efektijohto EP17J06PK. Experience unparalleled sound quality and reliability with this must-have cable for any serious musician.

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