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Dunlop Cry Baby Wah-pedaali

Dunlop Cry Baby Wah-pedaali

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Introducing the legendary Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Pedal, the must-have accessory for any electric guitar player. Made in the USA, this wah-wah pedal is the perfect addition to your guitar setup. With its signature sound, the Cry Baby Wah Pedal has been used by some of the greatest guitarists of all time, including Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton.

To operate the pedal, simply plug it into your guitar and use your foot to control the wah effect. Please note that a 9V power supply or battery is required, which is not included with the pedal.

If you're new to wah pedals or looking to upgrade your current one, be sure to check out our comprehensive comparison chart to see how the Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Pedal stacks up against other top brands. And for even more information, head over to our blog where we delve into the differences between various wah pedals.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Get your hands (and feet) on the Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Pedal today and take your guitar playing to the next level.

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