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Dunlop Volume (X) expression- / volumepedaali

Dunlop Volume (X) expression- / volumepedaali

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Looking for a versatile volume pedal that can also function as an expression pedal? Look no further than the Dunlop DVP3 Volume (X) Pedal. With its rugged construction and customizable stiffness, this pedal is built to last and provide you with the perfect feel for your playing style.

But that's not all - the DVP3 Volume (X) Pedal also features an internal potentiometer for controlling the minimum setting of your adjustable parameters, making it a breeze to fine-tune your sound. And with its unique polarity switch, you can even invert the effect of your foot's movement on your sound.

But perhaps the most exciting feature of the DVP3 Volume (X) Pedal is its expression output, which allows you to connect it to a tuner or other external device for even more control over your sound. And because it's completely passive, you don't have to worry about batteries or power supplies - just plug in and play!

Experience the ultimate in volume and expression control with the Dunlop DVP3 Volume (X) Pedal. Order yours today and take your playing to the next level!

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