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Encore E2SB Telecaster sähkökitara

Encore E2SB Telecaster sähkökitara

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Introducing the Encore E2SB Telecaster electric guitar - the perfect choice for guitar enthusiasts who love rock, blues, country, indie, reggae, and even jazz! This versatile guitar is ready to take you on a musical journey with its wide range of tones. The solid tonewood body and maple bolt-on neck provide superior resonance and sustain, while the overhung 22-fret fingerboard with a 10" radius ensures comfortable playability.

The Encore E2SB Telecaster boasts Guitar Tech traditional style bridge/tailpiece with 3 adjustable saddles, and diecast Guitar Tech tuners for precise tuning. The guitar features 1 Guitar Tech covered GTTN neck pickup and 1 Guitar Tech GTTB bridge pickup, delivering a classic Telecaster sound. The pickup selector switch is noise-free, and the master volume and master tone controls offer traditional functionality.

Designed by Trev Wilkinson and the UK Encore design team, this original Encore® guitar is a Telecaster copy with a paulownia body, known for its lightweight and resonant properties. The guitar has a sleek and glossy finish, and the neck is made of maple with a traditional screw joint. The fingerboard is made of jatoba wood and features 22 medium-sized frets, providing one extra fret compared to a vintage Telecaster.

Encore E2SB Telecaster is the latest edition of Encore Blaster electric guitars, featuring a modern neck with an easy-to-access truss rod adjustment at the headstock. The guitar comes with a high-quality Fender-style vintage bridge, featuring steel saddles for improved sustain and clarity. The guitar also features Guitar Tech pickups, delivering a classic and warm sound that is perfect for a variety of genres.

If you're looking for a versatile and affordable electric guitar that can deliver a wide range of tones, the Encore E2SB Telecaster is the perfect choice for you!

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