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Ibanez EHB1505-PLF Bass Workshop

Ibanez EHB1505-PLF Bass Workshop

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Introducing the Ibanez EHB1505-PLF Bass Workshop - the ultimate luxury bass for the modern musician. Crafted with exotic woods, this 5-string bass is sure to turn heads on stage. But it's not just about looks - the materials used also contribute to its rich and warm sound. Compared to the standard models, the EHB1500 series has a darker and smoother tone with a softer attack on the maple fretboard.

The EHB series has taken the bass world by storm, earning the top spot in the 2020 Bass Workshop for its cutting-edge design. The name "Electric Headless Bass" says it all - these basses feature a unique headless design and multi-scale style for increased tension and playability.

But what really sets the EHB apart is its ergonomic design. The headless design balances the weight distribution, making it comfortable to play whether sitting or standing. The body is also contoured in all the right places and hollowed out from the middle for improved acoustics and reduced weight.

The EHB5 nine-piece neck is made of panga panga and walnut with graphite reinforcement rods, while the body is crafted from lightweight African mahogany with a curly poplar top. The off-set pearl dot inlays on the panga panga fretboard add a touch of elegance to this already stunning bass.

Equipped with Nordstrand Custom Big Split pickups and Vari-mid III 3-band EQ with active/passive switch and tone control, the Ibanez EHB1505-PLF Bass Workshop has everything you need to achieve your desired sound. Complete with a MR5HS bridge and black PLF/pacific blue burst flat hardware, this bass is ready to take your performance to the next level. Don't settle for anything less than the best - get your hands on the Ibanez EHB1505-PLF Bass Workshop today!

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