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Ibanez ES3 Echo Shifter Analog Delay -pedaali

Ibanez ES3 Echo Shifter Analog Delay -pedaali

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Introducing the ultimate delay pedal for guitarists - the Ibanez ES3 Echo Shifter Analog Delay. Combining the best of both worlds, this pedal features both analog and digital delay options, giving you the flexibility to create the perfect sound for any performance.

With its classic warm analog delay and clear, precise digital delay, the ES3 Echo Shifter is a must-have for any musician looking to take their sound to the next level. And with the added tap tempo function, you can easily synchronize your delay time to match the tempo of your music.

But that's not all - the ES3 Echo Shifter also features an internal oscillator that adds a touch of organic modulation to your delay, bringing your sound to life like never before. And with easy-to-use controls for mix, feedback, depth, speed, and delay time, you can customize your sound to perfection.

Compact and powerful, the Ibanez ES3 Echo Shifter is the perfect addition to any guitarist's pedalboard. So why wait? Order yours today and take your performance to the next level! ~Rock on~.

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