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Ibanez GRG131DX-WH sähkökitara

Ibanez GRG131DX-WH sähkökitara

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Introducing the Ibanez GRG131DX-WH electric guitar - the perfect choice for aspiring heavy metal guitarists! With its sleek matte white finish, red sharktooth inlays, and matching pickguard, this guitar is sure to turn heads. But don't let its striking appearance fool you - this guitar is also designed for maximum playability and ease of use.

Crafted with a poplar body and a smooth vaahtera neck, this guitar feels comfortable and well-balanced in your hands. The purpleheart fingerboard features jumbo frets and a sleek edge binding, allowing for lightning-fast playability and effortless string bending. And with a 25.5" scale length and F106 fixed bridge, you can be sure that your notes will ring out with clarity and sustain.

But what really sets the Ibanez GRG131DX-WH apart is its powerful Infinity pickups. These passively powered ceramic pickups deliver a full-bodied, high-gain sound that's perfect for heavy metal and hard rock. Whether you're shredding through fast riffs or playing soaring solos, these pickups will ensure that your sound cuts through the mix with ease.

So if you're a beginner looking for an affordable and high-quality electric guitar, look no further than the Ibanez GRG131DX-WH. With its stunning looks, comfortable feel, and powerful sound, this guitar is sure to inspire you to take your playing to the next level. Get yours today and start rocking out like a pro!

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