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Ibanez JSM20-BKL

Ibanez JSM20-BKL

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Introducing the Ibanez JSM20-BKL, a guitar that embodies classic sound with a touch of modern innovation. Equipped with the iconic Super 58 pickups, this guitar delivers a traditional tone that is versatile enough to handle anything from blues to rock. The ebony fretboard not only adds to the guitar's aesthetic appeal but also produces a tight low and mid-range frequency response with a crisp attack on the high-end. The natural sustain is both long and responsive, making it a breeze to play.

Crafted with a JSM 3-piece mahogany/maple neck, this guitar boasts a sturdy and reliable construction that is built to last. The maple top, sides, and back provide a balanced tone that is perfect for any genre. The medium frets, Artstar finishing, and 24.7" scale length make it easy to play, while the ART-1 bridge and Quick Change III tailpiece ensure a stable and precise tuning.

The Super 58 pickups are passive and feature alnico magnets, delivering a warm and rich sound that is both articulate and dynamic. The Tri-Sound switch allows you to split or reverse the neck pickup, providing you with an even greater range of tonal options. The bone nut ensures that the strings resonate naturally and with clarity.

This guitar comes with a hardshell case for protection and portability. Finished in a sleek Black Low Gloss, the Ibanez JSM20-BKL is a stunning instrument that is sure to captivate both your eyes and ears. Experience the perfect blend of classic and modern with the Ibanez JSM20-BKL.

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