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Ibanez OD850 Overdrive -säröpedaali

Ibanez OD850 Overdrive -säröpedaali

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Introducing the Ibanez OD850 Overdrive - the fuzz pedal that will take your guitar sound to new heights! Despite its name, this pedal is more than just an overdrive. With its unique Sustain potentiometer, which also adds to the sustain, the OD850 can take you from a clean sound to a mild overdrive and all the way to the "dirty" fuzz territory. But what sets this pedal apart is its warm high-frequency response, giving your sound a full and rich character.

Originally released in the mid-70s, the Ibanez OD850 has been reissued with modern updates to meet the demands of today's guitar players. The pedal now features an ON/OFF LED and can be powered by an external power supply. The controls include Sustain, Balance, and Tone, allowing you to fine-tune your sound and output levels with ease.

Crafted with 100% analog circuitry and true bypass, the Ibanez OD850 Overdrive is a must-have for any guitarist looking to add some fuzz to their arsenal. Made in Japan with the highest quality standards, this limited edition pedal won't be around forever. Don't miss your chance to experience the warm and fuzzy tones of the Ibanez OD850 Overdrive - order yours today!

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