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Ibanez QX52-BKF sähkökitara pussilla

Ibanez QX52-BKF sähkökitara pussilla

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Introducing the revolutionary Ibanez QX52-BKF electric guitar with a convenient carrying case! Designed for high-position players, the Q-series is a brand new line of electric guitars that caters to the needs of modern technical guitarists. With its lightweight body and shorter length, the QX guitar is perfect for those who like to play their guitar high up on their strap. The frets are angled at 8 degrees, which allows for a more natural hand position and eliminates the need to reach for the bass strings.

But that's not all - the absence of a headstock means that tuning must be done from the bridge side. This unique design not only enhances the balance and ergonomics of the guitar, but also adds a touch of modernity and innovation. The QX guitar features a newly designed body and a three-piece neck made of heat-treated maple and bubinga, with a profile that is more neutral than the classic super Wizard.

The Parallel Wizard neck, exclusive to the QX series, is thinner than the Wizard C neck and maintains a consistent thickness of 19mm throughout its length. The fretboard has an extremely large radius, practically flat at 508mm. This design is perfect for high-position players, and the thin C profile with a large radius is one of the most comfortable necks to play.

The Q-series guitars feature a beautiful bird's eye maple fretboard with 24 Jescar Evo Gold frets, and the body is ergonomically designed with rounded edges in all the right places. The Q-series is the long-awaited addition to the Ibanez catalog, and it's the perfect answer to the needs of modern guitarists.

Get your hands on the Ibanez QX52-BKF electric guitar today and experience the ultimate in comfort, playability, and innovation. Order now and take your guitar playing to the next level!

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