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Ibanez QX54QM-BSM sähkökitara pussilla

Ibanez QX54QM-BSM sähkökitara pussilla

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Introducing the revolutionary Ibanez QX54QM-BSM electric guitar with a stunning quilted maple top and a matching carrying case. Designed specifically for modern guitarists, the Q-series guitars are lightweight and shorter than traditional guitars, making them perfect for high-slung playing positions. The frets are angled at 8 degrees, allowing for a more natural hand position and eliminating the need to reach for the bass strings.

With no headstock, tuning is done from the bridge, and the redesigned body provides excellent balance and ergonomic comfort. The new three-piece neck is made from roasted maple and bubinga, with a Parallel Wizard profile that is thinner and flatter than the standard Wizard C neck. The large 508mm radius and 24 Jescar Evo Gold frets make playing a breeze, and the ergonomic body contours ensure maximum comfort during long practice sessions and performances.

Crafted from Nyatoh wood, the QX54QM-BSM boasts a stunning quilted maple top that is sure to turn heads. The guitar's unique design and exceptional playability make it the perfect choice for guitarists of all skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Ibanez QX54QM-BSM is sure to impress.

Experience the ultimate in modern guitar design with the Ibanez QX54QM-BSM electric guitar. Order yours today and take your playing to the next level!

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