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Ibanez RG80F-IPT 8-kielinen

Ibanez RG80F-IPT 8-kielinen

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Introducing the Ibanez RG80F-IPT 8-String Electric Guitar, a true masterpiece in its class! With a longer 27" scale length, this guitar is perfect for those who want to explore the depths of low-tuned playing. The extra length provides the lower strings with more tension, resulting in better intonation and easier playability.

But that's not all, the RG80F is equipped with Fishman Fluence active pickups, a game-changing technology that reacts to your playing dynamics, delivering a powerful and punchy tone that cuts through any mix. The Alnico-8 magnets provide a warm and full-bodied sound, perfect for heavy riffs and soaring solos.

Crafted with a meranti body and a five-piece maple/walnut neck, the RG80F is built to last and withstand any stage performance. The Wizard II-8 neck profile ensures a comfortable and fast playing experience, allowing you to shred with ease.

With 24 jumbo frets and a rosewood fingerboard, the RG80F offers unparalleled playability and versatility. Whether you're into Djent, Metalcore, or any heavy genres, this guitar will take your playing to the next level.

So what are you waiting for? Pre-order your Ibanez RG80F-IPT 8-String Electric Guitar now and join the ranks of the guitar heroes who have made the RG series an icon in the world of rock and metal. Get ready to unleash your creativity and conquer the stage with the Ibanez RG80F-IPT!

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