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Ibanez SR1305SB-MGL Soundgear Premium

Ibanez SR1305SB-MGL Soundgear Premium

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Introducing the latest addition to Ibanez's 2021 collection, the SR1305SB-MGL Soundgear Premium bass. This 5-string bass boasts a Sand Blasted sapele top that has been painted in a striking combination of violet and black, resulting in a truly eye-catching finish. But this bass is not just about looks - it's about functionality and versatility too.

Crafted with premium materials, the Atlas-5 five-piece Panga Panga and Purpleheart neck with TITANIUM reinforcement, along with the African mahogany body, produce a rich and exotic sound that is as beautiful as it is unique. The Panga Panga fretboard with 24 medium-sized frets provides a comfortable playing experience, while the Nordsrtrand Big Break pickups and Ibanez Custom Electronics give you a wide range of tonal options to play with.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the SR1305SB-MGL is perfect for any style of music. The active/passive switch, 3-band EQ, and 3-way mid-frequency switch allow you to fine-tune your sound to perfection. And with the MR5S bridge and Graph Tech® BLACK TUSQ XL® nut, you can be sure that your tuning will stay rock-solid.

If you're looking for a bass that is not only visually stunning but also delivers exceptional sound quality, the SR1305SB-MGL is the perfect choice. Get yours today and experience the premium quality and versatility of Ibanez's Soundgear Premium series.

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