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Ibanez SR300EBL-WK Soundgear PICKUP

Ibanez SR300EBL-WK Soundgear PICKUP

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Left-handed bass from the Ibanez Soundgear series

The Ibanez SR300EBL-WK is a perfect 4-string bass for a left-handed beginner or as a second player for e.g. recording work.

The Power Tap function enables three different connections for mics. "Tap" cuts the humbuckers in half into single coils: Punchy and articulate sound. "Series" lets the whole humbucker sound big and warm as it is. "Power Tap" Combines the clarity of a single coil with the thump of a humbucker. The magnets of the Powerspan Dual Coil pickups are not hidden inside the shells. They have a bigger and clearer signal.

Ibanez Soundgear necks are known for their playability. The neck made of 5 pieces (maple/walnut) is durable and does not eat sustain.
The B125 saddle comfortably accommodates even thicker strings. The structure of the sole securely locks the saddle pieces in place and always keeps them in line with the neck.
  • Neck: SR4, maple/walnut, 5 pieces
  • Nyatoh frame
  • Jato boot board
  • 24 medium strips
  • PowerSpan Dual Coil passive microphones
  • Ibanez Custom Electronics, 3-band EQ, 3-position Power Tap switch
  • With Accu-cast B125 (19mm string spacing)
  • Factory strings: .045/.065/.085/.105/
  • Metal parts: Cosmo Black
  • Color: WK : Weathered Black
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