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Kala Student Guitar 4/4 classical guitar

Kala Student Guitar 4/4 classical guitar

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A classical guitar intended for starting the hobby

The Kala Student Guitar 4/4 is a very classic classical guitar. Full-size, lacquered mahogany body and mahogany neck topped with a laminated cedar top. The guitar plays softly and is easy to play. The laminated structure withstands being carried for playing lessons and does not require the same level of moisture and care as a solid wood guitar. It is an excellent class instrument and a great starting point for the playing hobby!

Kala is famous for his high-quality ukuleles

Founded in 2005 in Petaluma, California, Kala Brand Music Company is world-renowned for its well-sounding and high-quality ukuleles, which are available as more expensive professional models, more affordable hobbyist versions, and economical school instruments.

A beginner's instrument should be chosen carefully

The nylon strings of a classical guitar do not require the use of force , and the strings are anyway "softer" for a beginner, which can be a decisive threshold for starting. This might be an easier factor for a beginner during the first weeks, but if the player definitely wants to play rock music, for example, it is worth considering an electric guitar to start with. Its nickel-plated steel strings feel harsher at first, but the smaller body and neck make it easier to play in a different way and for a much longer time.

For some reason, the prevailing opinion is that you should start playing with an acoustic guitar, but we would argue that you should start with an instrument that inspires you to play! A steel-string acoustic, classical, and electric guitar are all equally good options and very different instruments, and none of them can replace the other. The player's own opinion and taste in music should definitely be taken into account, because the wrong type of instrument may be a decisive factor in continuing the hobby.

Kala Student Guitar 4/4 features:

  • Size: Full Classical (also available in 3/4 size)
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Edge strips: Black
  • Deck: Cedarwood
  • Sides and base: Mahogany
  • Finishing: High gloss varnish
  • Fingerboard: a traditional classical guitar fingerboard
  • Tuners: Gold Slotted Open Gear
  • Strings: Nylon strings
  • Tread and Saddle: Natural
  • Kala's own product page

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