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Laka Mahogany Series Ukulele & Carry Bag ~ Concert

Laka Mahogany Series Ukulele & Carry Bag ~ Concert

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Laka Mahogany Series Ukulele & Carry Bag ~ Concert

With a beautiful see through satin finish highlighting the natural deep rich brown colours, the Laka Mahogany Series Concert Ukulele is indeed, visually striking, offset with an okoume neck, ABS nut, walnut fingerboard and bridge.

Sapele is the tonewood choice for the top back and sides, specifically chosen for its warm, woody sound, delivering a strong low-end, solid mids and natural high-end response. Features also include an intricate laser etched palm tree rosette and headstock design, with Laka motif and chrome plated die-cast tuners.

The gorgeous Mahogany Series Concert with a larger body than the soprano delivers size-defying volume and, along with the added attraction of this cute instrument’s sonic versatility is, like all Laka ukes, its extreme portability.

From sitting around the camp fire, to the biggest stages, the Laka Mahogany Series of ukuleles are a firm favourite with players of all levels, literally all around the world, especially popular with those with small hands and children eager to explore the wonderful experience of the uke.

How can a uke with a body this size play and sound so good?                                                         Because it’s made the way only Laka know how. 

The Laka Mahogany Series Concert Ukulele is fitted with high-quality Aquila strings and includes a carry bag.


• Finish: Natural Mahogany

• Top: Sapele

• Back: Sapele

• Sides: Sapele

• Binding: None

• Soundhole: Palm Design

• Bridge: Walnut

• Machineheads: Die Cast Chrome

• Neck: Okoume

• Neck Inlays: Dot

• Fingerboard: Walnut

• Frets: 17

• Nut: ABS

• Headstock: Sapele

• Strings: Aquila

• Laka Carry Bag Included

Concert Ukulele Tuning: G, C, E, A

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