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Madarozzo MA-G0050-EG/BK kantopussi sähkökitaralle 20 mm toppauksella

Madarozzo MA-G0050-EG/BK kantopussi sähkökitaralle 20 mm toppauksella

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• Madarozzo™ look and branding
• 20mm luxury foam padding
• 600D high end Polyester
• Adjustable, luxury padded, comfortable backpack
• Luxury padded carrying handle
• grab handle for easy pick up on the back
• NO. 10 zipper with practical, branded fabric pullers
• Madarozzo™ stripe
• Embroidered Madarozzo™ branding
• End-Pin, headstock and bridge protector in Polyester
• Quality Nylon interior
• Zippered A4 music pouch
• Zippered additional accessory pouch below music pouch
• Zippered headstock pouch

The Madarozzo range for guitar gig bags has been designed from scratch with instrument protection in mind. The Madarozzo range comprises more than 80 models in a wide variation of stunning designs, padding and price points and is available in a range of three colours. The range offers bags for all kind of fretted instruments and guitars from all standard guitar shapes to the more exotic shapes such as Flying V, Explorer, Headless and many more difficult to find shapes. Even bags to accommodate 2 Electric Guitars are included in the range. The range offers 600D Polyester, soft Nylon lining, comfortable ergonomically designs backpacks, headstock, bridge and end-pin protection.

Madarozzo introduces it’s exciting new Couturier Collection of musical instrument gig bags, cases and accessories. Spotting a niche in the market, Martin Ritter’s in-depth knowledge of the industry led him to launch his innovative brand Madarozzo in 2007.

The Madarozzo couturier range is a premier collection of individually designed musical instrument bags, cases that offers the discriminating player a fusion of fashion design, functionality, quality and instrument protection. Madarozzo has capitalized on Martin’s unique heritage of innovative design, marketing and manufacturing know-how.

Martin Ritter has proven throughout the last 10 years that his product concepts are not only to be accepted by musicians globally but also embraced by hundreds of thousands of players every day as ‘their’ choice of Gig Bag and Case.

With Madarozzo Martin Ritter continues his successful and creative work, adapting it for the latest and upcoming trends.

All Madarozzo couturier bags and cases are designed in Great Britain by himself and the designers of his British based company Ritter Europe Ltd./Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.

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