Meinl 12" Sonic Energy Wind Gong

Meinl 12" Sonic Energy Wind Gong

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Meinl 12" Sonic Energy Wind Gong

Sonic Energy Wind Gongs are made by hand in China using traditional technology. These Gongs are also known as Feng or Sun Gong. The shape is almost flat and therefore when playing, its vibration spreads from the center to the far edges, playing for a long time.

Wind Gong's Sound is focused on lower frequencies. As the Gong is struck harder, the sound opens up and the hissing upper frequencies emerge.
Comes with a mallet and a protective bag.
  • Size: 12" (30cm)

  • Handmade in China

  • A special bronze alloy

  • Each Wind Gong is an individual work of art

  • The sound emphasizes lower frequencies

  • Template and protective bag included

  • Product code: WG-TT12

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