Meinl 22" Chau Tam Tam

Meinl 22" Chau Tam Tam

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Meinl 22" Chau Tam Tam

Meinl Sonic Energy Tam Tams are made by hand in China using the region's hundreds of years old methods and traditions in the manufacture of gongs. Chau Tam Tams use a special bronze alloy. The combination of that and the design creates a wide range of sounds. From a steady low hum to a growing roar and striking crash effects, Tam Tams fit many purposes. They also work well together with other gongs and instruments.

Comes with a mallet.

  • CH-TT22

  • Size: 22"

  • Made by hand using methods that are hundreds of years old

  • Made of a special bronze alloy

  • Comes with a mallet and a protective bag

  • Weight: 4728g

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