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MEINL 8" Compact tambourine CTA2VM-WB

MEINL 8" Compact tambourine CTA2VM-WB

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Meinl 8" Compact tambourine CTA2VM-WB

A high-quality and compact tambourine. The clocks arranged in two rows are handmade. The bells are made of bright-sounding nickel-plated steel and darker-toned brass. Together, the bells make a big and rich sound. Due to its size, the tambourine is also light, so even fast patterns can be done easily.


  • Size: 8"

  • Wooden frame

  • Watches made of handmade nickel-plated steel and brass

  • Compact size

  • Watches in two rows and two different materials

  • Color: Walnut brown

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