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Meinl Benny Greb Crasher Hat 6"

Meinl Benny Greb Crasher Hat 6"

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Introducing the Meinl Benny Greb Crasher Hat 6" - a true gem in the world of percussion! This signature cymbal from the Artist Concept series is the brainchild of none other than the legendary Benny Greb.

Crafted from high-quality b20/b8 bronze, this cymbal is a perfect blend of a hi-hat sample and a shaker, thanks to its pitch shifter. Unlike other crashers in the market, the Benny Greb Crasher Hat 6" produces a rich and smooth sound, making it a must-have for any percussionist.

With its tight and controlled response, this cymbal is perfect for adding a percussive element to your music. Its compact size of 6" makes it a great addition to any drum setup, and its dry and bright sound is sure to grab everyone's attention.

Whether you're a professional drummer or just starting out, the Meinl Benny Greb Crasher Hat 6" is a worthy investment. Add it to your collection today and experience the magic of Benny Greb's signature sound!

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