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Meinl Classics Custom Extreme Metal cymbal set

Meinl Classics Custom Extreme Metal cymbal set

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A cymbal set for playing extreme music

Basic coverage of bright-sounding cymbals for heavy music drummers. Includes 14" Hihat, 18" Crash and 20" ride.
  • A semi-pro level cymbal set designed with explosiveness in mind for the serious hobbyist/semi-professional drummer
  • Clear and very loud. Designed for playing metal music.
  • A lot of raw material is used for Extreme Metal cymbals. Weight is strength and overweight is superiority!
  • Classics Custom Extreme Metal also goes well with Classics Custom and Custom Dark cymbals made of the same material.
  • Product code: CCEM480

Cymbals for a heavy heavy mat

At rock and heavy musicians' practice camps and gigs, the volumes seem to turn up to eleven . This poses challenges for drummers, as the cymbals will simply break up if you try to compensate for this sound pressure by hitting harder. The Classics Custom Extreme Metal line is designed specifically for this purpose.

A lot of metal is used in the production of Extreme Metal cymbals , so their mass alone makes them sound loud. Bright surface treatment and deep forging emphasize the volume even more. This still does not mean that there is no dynamic in the Extreme Metal series. Yes, these react to the playing volume, just like the other Classics Custom series frets. Some of the representatives of the series are even exceptionally nuanced, especially within their price range. So it's a bit boring to talk about clowns. This is a real cymbal, not a sheet metal.

Support from other Classics Custom series cymbals

There are three series of Classics Custom , of which Extreme Metal is the heaviest. All Classics Custom are made of the same material, so they fit well together. So if a cymbal doesn't feel like yours, or if, for example, one crash requires different characteristics, you should try cymbals from other Classics Custom lines. Mixing is more than ok!

Meinl cymbals have a two-year factory warranty. Read more detailed information about the WARRANTY TERMS.

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