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Meinl Crystal singing bowl 10" Heart Chakra

Meinl Crystal singing bowl 10" Heart Chakra

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A quartz sounding bowl with a long resonance

Sonic Energy Crystal sound bowls are made of ultra-pure quartz. Their sound spreads beautifully in all directions from the instrument. Crystal sounding bowls are delivered with a silicone ring that keeps the bowl off the floor and makes it ring as freely as possible.

The 10" Heart Chakra sounding bowl rings in the tone of G at a frequency of 432Hz. The sound of the bowl is meant to promote self-confidence, optimism, joy, warmth and compassion.

  • Made of very pure quartz
  • Very long timbre
  • Diameter 25.4 cm
  • Weight 2141g
  • Tuning: F, 432Hz
  • Silicone base included
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