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Meinl Pure Alloy Complete Cymbal Set

Meinl Pure Alloy Complete Cymbal Set

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Meinl Pure Alloy - set of four cymbals

The dynamic and clear Pure Alloy cymbal set is a uniform set of high-quality cymbals to pair with a good drum set.

Pure Alloy Cymbal pack contains the following cymbals + Meinl Cymbal Tuners + Cymbal bacon + China Ring:

  • Meinl Pure Alloy 14" Medium Sleeves
  • Meinl Pure Alloy 16" Medium Crash
  • Meinl Pure Alloy 18" Medium Crash
  • Meinl Pure Alloy 20" Medium Ride

Pure Alloy cymbals in a nutshell

  • A professional cymbal set made of B12 material for the gigging player who wants consistent quality cymbals whose sound will not change if the individual has to be replaced for some reason
  • Very precise manufacturing methods guarantee the uniformity of the Pure Alloy series
  • The medium-bright cymbal set sits in the middle ground between the bright Classics Custom and the dark-sounding Byzance
  • Very wide dynamic range in terms of volume. Even if the impact strength changes, the sound remains true to itself
Players describe the Pure Alloy series as easy to play. The drum feel is soft, but responsive and cymbal control is effortless. They light up easily and that's why it's also possible to play quietly. Pure Alloy should be mixed especially with different series of Byzance and Classics Custom. They are still not the loudest latties in the world and therefore, as a rule, sit together with subtle Byzantines. Testing is therefore worthwhile if you are looking for a company for, for example, extremely loud Extreme Metal drums. Pure Alloys also work exceptionally well as a ready-made set.
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