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Meinl Sonic Energy Chakra Set

Meinl Sonic Energy Chakra Set

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Meinl Energy Chimes Chakra Set

The Meinl Energy Chimes Chakra set has all seven chakra frequencies ready. Each Energy Chimes comes with its own wooden mallet.

The Chimes of the Chakra set are part of Meinlin's Planetary Tuned series, developed using Hans Couston's Kosmista Octave. Planetary series instruments are aimed at therapeutic purposes, but work well in traditional music as well.

The set includes the following Energy Chimes:
  • Root Chakra, Synodic Day, attunement 3106.88Hz/G7
  • Sacral Chakra, Synodic Moon, attunement 3366.72Hz/G7#
  • Navel Chakra, Sun, attunement 2019.52Hz/B6
  • Heart Chakra, Earth, tuning 2177.60Hz/C7#
  • Throat Chakra, Mercury, tuning 2260.32Hz/C7#
  • Brow Chakra, Venus, attunement 3539.68Hz/A7
  • Crown Chakra, Platonic Year, tuning 2752.96Hz/F7
  • EC-SET-CHA-7
  • Energy Chimes Chakra set
  • Each chakra has its own chimes
  • Each chime has its own wooden mallet

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