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MEINL Sonic Energy Solid Kalimba, Maple

MEINL Sonic Energy Solid Kalimba, Maple

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A whole wooden thumb piano made of maple

The Meinl Sonic Energy Kalimba is a beautifully sounding melody instrument that is also beautiful to look at. The 17 strings of the Sonic Energy thumb piano are tuned to C major, so it is impossible to create a discord.

The kalimba comes with a case that protects against scratches, a microfiber cloth, a cotton transport bag and a tuning mallet for re-tuning the kalimba.

Kalimba is a traditional African instrument, also known as Mbira, Sansa and thumb piano. The metal strings placed on the wooden frame ring when you play them with your fingers.
  • Traditional African kalimba
  • 17 strings are tuned according to the C major scale
  • Kalimba tuning: d'', b', g', e', c', a, f, d, c, e, g, b, d', f', a', c'', e''
  • The whole wooden frame is made of maple
  • Includes case, transport bag, microfiber cloth and tuning mallet
  • Weight: 431g
  • Product code: KL1704S
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