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MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive -säröpedaali

MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive -säröpedaali

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Introducing the MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive - the ultimate distortion pedal designed in collaboration with the legendary Eddie Van Halen himself. This pedal is a true representation of Van Halen's iconic distortion sound throughout his entire career.

With the BOOST switch, you can take your gain to the next level, adding compression and intensity to your sound. And with the built-in noise reduction feature, you can enjoy all the gain without the unwanted hiss. The GATE switch activates MXR's Smart Gate circuitry, keeping your sound clean and noise-free.

The OUTPUT switch allows you to adjust the volume level of the pedal, while the three-band passive EQ (BASS, MID, TREBLE) lets you fine-tune your sound to perfection. And with its custom EVH graphics and MOSFET construction, the MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive delivers a tube-like sound that will blow your mind.

Whether you're a die-hard Van Halen fan or just looking for a top-quality distortion pedal, the MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive is the perfect addition to your guitar setup. Get yours today and experience the ultimate in distortion sound.

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