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MXR M116 Fullbore Metal Distortion

MXR M116 Fullbore Metal Distortion

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Introducing the MXR M116 Fullbore Metal Distortion, the ultimate solution for achieving a super high gain-särö sound. With separate Low, Mid, and High controls, this pedal guarantees that you'll find your perfect tone.

But what about the unwanted noise and hum that often comes with high gain? Don't worry, Dunlop has got you covered. The Fullbore Metal Distortion features a built-in noise gate that can be easily activated with the press of a button. The gate quickly and tightly follows your playing, making it perfect for fast and precise riffing.

Powering the pedal is a breeze - simply use a 9V adapter (not included) or a 9V battery (not included).

Take your sound to the next level with the MXR M116 Fullbore Metal Distortion. Order now and experience the power of high gain distortion like never before.

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