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MXR Octavio Fuzz M267

MXR Octavio Fuzz M267

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Introducing the legendary Octavio Fuzz, now part of MXR's standard catalog in its most practical form yet - the MXR Octavio Fuzz M267. This pedal has rightfully earned its place in MXR's lineup and has been produced in various forms over the years. The M267 Octavio is the same size as the Phase 90 pedal, making it easy to fit on any pedalboard without sacrificing precious space.

This fuzz pedal's dynamic character ranges from strange to explosive, making it perfect for musicians who want to add a unique touch to their sound. As a silicon transistor-based fuzz, the Octavio is not meant to be clean. You can adjust the upper octave and fuzz dynamics with the knobs, as well as with your playing dynamics. The result is a highly dynamic pedal that can range from strange to explosive.

The MXR Octavio Fuzz M267 is now the official successor to Jimi Hendrix's iconic Octavio and is part of MXR's standard catalog. It can be powered by a 9V adapter or battery, both sold separately. Don't miss out on the chance to add this legendary pedal to your collection. Order the MXR Octavio Fuzz M267 today!

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