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MXR Poly Blue Octave M306

MXR Poly Blue Octave M306

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Introducing the MXR Poly Blue Octave M306 - the ultimate pedal for true pedal enthusiasts! With not one, not two, but five octaves of fuzz and modulation, this pedal is sure to take your sound to the next level.

Featuring two upper and two lower octaves, each with its own volume control, the Poly Blue Octave M306 allows for complete customization of your octave sounds. And with the Mono switch, you can choose between two different modes for even more versatility.

But that's not all - inspired by the legendary Blue Box fuzz, this pedal also includes a fuzz circuit that adds a gritty, unpredictable edge to your sound. And with two different modulation effects - a Leslie-inspired chorus in Polyphonic mode and a Phase 90-style phaser in Mono mode - the possibilities are endless.

But don't let all these options overwhelm you - the MXR Poly Blue Octave M306 is a high-quality octave pedal at its core, with just the right amount of organic wobble and rough fuzz to take your sound to the next level. And with the option to control multiple parameters and setups with an expression pedal or external footswitch, this pedal is truly a game-changer.

So what are you waiting for? Add the MXR Poly Blue Octave M306 to your collection today and take your sound to new heights!

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