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MXR Sugar Drive Mini -säröpedaali M294

MXR Sugar Drive Mini -säröpedaali M294

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Looking for a säröpedaali that delivers a Klon-style sound with some added bonuses? Look no further than the MXR Sugar Drive Mini M294! This pedal is the perfect choice for guitarists who want a transparent and clear overdrive with a strong and natural feel. The key to the Sugar Drive's sound lies in its unique circuitry, which provides an authentic tube amp-like distortion.

The Drive control gradually blends your guitar's clean signal with the overdrive, resulting in a smooth and natural-sounding tone. And thanks to the voltage doubler technology, the pedal offers increased headroom and a bigger sound. Plus, with the option to choose between True Bypass and buffered output, you can customize the pedal to your liking.

But that's not all - the MXR Sugar Drive Mini is part of the Mini series, meaning it takes up only a third of the space of its predecessor. And with the included Dunlop ECB003EU power supply, you can start playing right out of the box.

Experience the legendary Klon-style sound with the added benefits of the MXR Sugar Drive Mini M294. Order now and take your guitar playing to the next level!

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