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MXR Variphase Custom Shop CSP001

MXR Variphase Custom Shop CSP001

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Introducing the MXR Custom Shop Variphase CSP001 - the ultimate phaser effect pedal for guitarists who demand versatility and precision in their sound. Housed in a sleek Crybaby frame, this pedal is designed to take your tone to the next level.

Experience real-time control over the speed of your phaser effect, thanks to the Variphase's intuitive foot pedal. Simply move your foot to activate the effect, and lift it to turn it off. Plus, with Volume and Mix knobs on the side, you can easily adjust the signal level and the balance between dry and wet signals.

But that's not all. Inside the pedal, you'll find a Shallow/Deep switch that lets you tailor the strength of the effect to your liking. And with the classic Phase 90 sound, you can achieve everything from subtle pulsing to full-on psychedelic swirls.

Crafted with analog circuitry, the Variphase delivers a warm and rich tone that will enhance any style of music. And with the option to power it with a 9V adapter or battery, you can take this pedal with you wherever you go.

Upgrade your sound with the MXR Custom Shop Variphase CSP001 - the phaser pedal that offers endless possibilities. Order yours today and take your guitar playing to new heights.

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