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Orange Crush Acoustic 30 guitar amp

Orange Crush Acoustic 30 guitar amp

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Orange Crush Acoustic is a troubadour's dream

Orange's Crush series was created as training amplifiers in the 21st century, but these clever little combos have since found their way elsewhere, on stages and in the studio. The series has developed further and now it's the turn of the two-channel small combo Orange Crush Acoustic 30 designed for acoustic guitar, which works both with a normal guitar signal and a microphone, why not also as a troubadour's personal amplifier with its 8" Voice of the World speaker element.

The instrument channel has a -10dB pad switch for the hotter signal of the front amplifiers and a 3-band EQ. The Color switch boosts the presence area of ​​the upper middle and cuts the lower middle a little when you want to open up space for a wider signal of the microphone channel. The microphone channel has an XLR/jack combination connector and works both as a secondary guitar input and as a separate microphone input. The channel has a switchable phantom voltage and the possibility to select the sensitivity of the input to microphone or line level.

On the effects side, the amplifier has echo and chorus , which can be adjusted for both channels. The notch filter is an additional narrowband equalizer that can be used to eliminate the worst crossover frequency. A separate media player or other sound source can be connected to the 3.5mm Aux input, for example for training. The amplifier can be easily moved around and also works with batteries or accumulators. 10 AA size finger batteries give 3 hours of playing time at full volume or 5 hours at half power under normal conditions. Of course, a power source is also included, which automatically disconnects the batteries from the circuit.

Orange Crush Acoustic 30 features:

  • Two-channel 30-watt guitar combo for acoustic guitar
  • Works with batteries as well as its own power source
  • In the first channel -10dB pad switch and Color switch
  • Balanced microphone input and phantom voltage in the second channel
  • Three-band EQ, reverb and chorus, separate aux input
  • 8″ Voice of the World speaker
  • Black vinyl coating, basket weave front fabric
  • Dimensions 28 x 32 x 23 cm
  • Weight 6.2 kg

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