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Orange Rocker 32 guitar combo

Orange Rocker 32 guitar combo

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Orange Rocker 32 – 2×10″ stereo guitar combo

Many guitarists are looking for the best possible partner for their pedal board, but end up disappointed by the flat and lifeless sound of amplifiers. The Orange Rocker 32 is from another world - it's the perfect amplifier for use with pedals in two ways: firstly, it's a dynamic and transparent sounding all-tube amplifier with a stereo terminal, and it's also a combo model that can be conveniently transported from place to place. The Rocker 32 works as it is just like any other combo - just plug in the guitar string, or maybe throw in a couple of mono effects and you can start playing!

However, it soon reveals its true nature : it is not a run-of-the-mill product, but a truly competent amplifier with its own value. The Rocker 32 has Orange's characteristic strong mojo, and its two ten-inch speakers produce a full and thick sound, even though the combo is very modest in size. Smart insight in the connection of the power stages also produces a wider sound even in mono operation than typical two-speaker combos. At the core of the Rocker 32 is its tube-controlled effects loop, which with its stereo return opens practically unlimited possibilities for using effects. Wide delay pans and massive spatial echoes really come into their own with it.

For players of the old union, Orange offers a very special feature - when using mono effects, the original signal of the guitar can be routed to one speaker element and the effects to another! The result is a wonderfully distinctive and clear sound. If you don't need stereo features and a lower-powered combo is enough, you should check out the single-speaker Rocker 15 guitar combo.

Two channels of a stereo amplifier

And the Rocker 32's aces don't end with stereophonics : the amplifier's two completely different channels together cover a really wide sound world. The minimalist number one channel is a real purist's dream and that's why it only has one control, volume. The channel obeys the player's dynamics very precisely, and its extremely natural and uncolored sound preserves the sound of both the instruments and the effect pedals in an ideal, authentic way - exactly as the instrument or pedals manufacturer originally planned. The single-coil microphones ring open and bright, and the Humbuckers sing with a rooting root. With cleaner settings, the sound of the amplifier is clear and full, when turned up harder, the sound breaks into a gritty blues and is perfect for use with booster or overdrive pedals. As the saying goes – you get what you order!

That second channel, Dirty , is more familiar to most with its separate Gain and Volume controls and three-zone tone controls. And like the first channel, "Dirty" is also very sensitive to playing dynamics. It can also be adjusted to be clean and suitable for comp use, or on the other hand it releases a per-British rock distortion for solo playing (for channel change you need the FS-1 pedal sold as an accessory). With the help of a practical power reduction switch, the 30 watt power of the EL84 terminal tubes (2 x 15 W) can be halved to 15 watts (seven watts / terminal), so that the terminal tubes can be driven into distortion with a smaller volume.

The Rocker 32 is a very versatile amplifier for being so unassuming on the surface. The Rocker 32's smart double end and two 10-inch speakers produce a sound much larger than the combo's physical size. Both power stages have their own cathode connection, thanks to which the sound is slightly wider than usual, even with mono sounds.

Kombo's speakers have great sensitivity to the guitarist's sound

The Voice of the World Gold Label 10 chosen as the speaker is a made-to-measure element as a result of Orange's own development, whose very high sensitivity (101 dB / W ensures that every watt of the amplifier is effectively converted into audible sound. tight bass and crystal clear treble typical for this element size.

The Rocker 32 is also equipped with a stereophonic, tube-controlled effects loop, thanks to which the sound remains original and uncolored throughout the amplifier.

Orange amplifiers are designed to last . They must serve their master reliably from gig to gig. That's why the Rocker 32 is also equipped with the same high-quality transformers as the Terror collection, which has risen to the status of a role model and trailblazer. On the same grounds, Orange pointed to plastic clip connectors and flat cables with a glove and instead chose to connect the wires in the traditional way by hand soldering. The electronics are protected by a solid case bent from sheet steel, which is embedded in a sturdy, 18-millimeter plywood case.

Orange Rocker 32 features

  • Two channels, channel change with foot switch
  • All-tube amplifier
  • Buffered effects loop
  • Tubes: front stage 4 x 12AX7/ECC83, power stage 4 x EL84, effects loop control 2 x 12AT7/ECC81
  • Controls (1st channel): Volume
  • Controls (2nd channel "Dirty"): Gain, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble
  • Rated power: 30/15 W (2 x 15 W / 2 x 7 W)
  • Speakers: two 10” Voice of the World Gold Label elements
  • External dimensions (wxhxd, cm): 58 × 46 × 29
  • Weight: 23.3 kg
  • The English user manual can be found here

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Combo, Tube amplifiers

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