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Rotovibe JD4S -efektipedaali

Rotovibe JD4S -efektipedaali

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Introducing the Dunlop Rotovibe JD4S - the ultimate chorus/vibrato pedal for guitar enthusiasts! This pedal is designed to simulate the iconic sound of a rotating speaker, made famous by legendary musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Cantrell, Zakk Wylde, and Mick Thomson.

With the Rotovibe JD4S, you can easily switch between Chorus and Vibrato effects and adjust their intensity to create your desired sound. The real-time foot control allows you to adjust the effect's speed on the fly, giving you complete control over your sound.

The Rotovibe JD4S is a must-have for any serious guitar player and is compatible with a 9V power supply (not included) or a 9V battery (not included). Don't settle for less - add the Dunlop Rotovibe JD4S to your pedalboard today and take your music to the next level!

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