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Sire V10 Tobacco Sunburst 5-String Bass, 2nd Gen

Sire V10 Tobacco Sunburst 5-String Bass, 2nd Gen

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A luxury version of the jazz bass

The Sire V10 Tobacco Sunburst is a slightly finer version of the traditional 5-string jazz bass, but its finesse is by no means based solely on appearance. In the center of the wonderful trees is a roasted maple neck. Roasting the neck removes moisture from it and makes the neck better able to withstand changing conditions. When roasting, the neck also ages, so to speak, and starts to sound more open. The feel and sound are more reminiscent of an already plugged-in bass than a new bass. The sense of the played bass is also enhanced by the asymmetric shape of the neck: It is slightly flatter on the bass side than on the treble side. The asymmetric neck fits the hand like a glove.

The V10 bass has dynamic passive microphones and active electronics with an active/passive switch. In practice, this means that you can get a lot out of the bass: For more modern playing, you can use the active side that pushes the signal, and when a more traditional need arises, the passive side produces an honest vintage buzz. The Sire V10 is a versatile bass that is surprisingly good considering its price range. An excellent choice for a beginner or even a guitarist as a recording bass!

Features of the Sire Marcus Miller V10 2nd Gen Bass

  • Frame: Ash frame with warp maple veneer
  • Neck: Maple neck, C profile
  • Fingerboard: Maple fingerboard with rounded edges, white block inlays and white edging
  • Scale: 34″
  • Strips: 20 medium strips
  • Microphones: Marcus Premium-J Revolution microphones
  • Front Stage: Marcus Heritage-3 front stage with midrange adjustment
  • Controls
    • Volume/tone stack knob
    • Blend control for microphones
    • Treble
    • Middle/middle frequency stack pot
    • Bass
    • Active/passive mini-switch
    • Halving the microphones with a mini switch
  • Stable: Marcus Miller Modern – S
  • Tuners: Premium Open-Gear
  • Hardware color: Chrome
  • Bass Finish: Tobacco Sunburst (TS)
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