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Sonic Energy Sound Hole Kalimba Maple & Acacia

Sonic Energy Sound Hole Kalimba Maple & Acacia

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Kalimba made of two trees with an echo opening

The Meinl Sonic Energy Kalimba is a beautifully sounding melody instrument that is also beautiful to look at. Its body is constructed of maple and acacia and decorated with sunflower carvings. The 17 strings of the Sonic Energy thumb piano are tuned to C major, so it is impossible to create a discord. Due to its echo chamber, a kalimba with an echo opening plays warmly and for a long time.

The kalimba comes with a case that protects against scratches, a microfiber cloth, a cotton transport bag and a tuning mallet for re-tuning the kalimba.

Kalimba is a traditional African instrument, also known as Mbira, Sansa and thumb piano. The metal strings placed on the wooden frame ring when you play them with your fingers.
  • Traditional African kalimba
  • The body with an echo chamber is made of acacia and maple
  • 17 strings are tuned according to the C major scale
  • Kalimba tuning: d'', b', g', e', c', a, f, d, c, e, g, b, d', f', a', c'', e''
  • Includes case, transport bag, microfiber cloth and tuning mallet
  • Weight: 398g
  • Product code: KL1706H
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