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STUDIO 49 AMC1600 Metallophone Alto Chromatic

STUDIO 49 AMC1600 Metallophone Alto Chromatic

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Studio 49 Chromatic Alto Metallophone AMC1600

Studio 49 Metallophones and orff instruments are of the best quality. Tiles made of aluminum sound clear and lively. The case is made of up to 12 mm thick pine and inside it has its own echo chamber for tiles of different sizes. This is why the sound of Studio 49 metallophones is clear, musical and rich.
The AMC1600 alto metallophone consists of a diatonic (AM1600) and a chromatic (H-AM1600) part. Together they form the chromatic AMC1600 metallophone. The set comes with a pair of S7 mallets, which are made specifically for use with metal tiles. In this way, the instrument's true potential is brought out.

We recommend SD or FSD racks for the diatonic part and FSC racks for the chromatic part
  • AMC1600
  • Chromatic alto metallophone
  • Studio 49
  • The tiles are made of clearly sounding aluminum
  • Frequency range: c2 - a3
  • Frame 12mm pine
  • The case's many resonance chambers guarantee a rich sound
  • Comes with a pair of S7 mallets
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