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Vintage VE880PB-12 Paul Brett Signature 12-kielinen elektroakustinen kitara

Vintage VE880PB-12 Paul Brett Signature 12-kielinen elektroakustinen kitara

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Introducing the Vintage Paul Brett Signature 12-String 880 Electro-Acoustic guitar, a true masterpiece designed by the legendary Paul Brett himself. This parlour sized gem is perfect for fingerpicking and folk strumming, with a sweet and refined voice that will leave you mesmerized.

Crafted with inspiration from the iconic 1920s Stella models, the VE880PB-12 boasts incredible projection and a rich, detailed tone that will take your music to new heights. The solid spruce top, acacia back and sides, and mahogany neck create a perfect harmony, while the pau ferro bridge and fingerboard and gold tuners add a touch of elegance.

Featuring a brand new Fishman Flex Plus pickup and equalizer system with volume, treble, and tones controls, the VE880PB-12 ensures that your signature sound is faithfully reproduced when amplified. And with an externally accessed battery box, you won't have to worry about running out of power mid-performance.

Each instrument comes with a deluxe hardshell carry case, ensuring the safety of your guitar on the move. Whether you're performing live or recording in the studio, the VE880PB-12 is built to handle the exacting requirements of the modern musician.

Experience the magic of the VE880PB-12 and join the ranks of guitar greats with this original Vintage® guitar designed and created by Paul Brett and the UK Vintage design team.

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