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Vintage V6M ReIssued Electric Guitar ~ Natural Ash

Vintage V6M ReIssued Electric Guitar ~ Natural Ash

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Introducing the Vintage V6M ReIssued Electric Guitar in Natural Ash, a true masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. This guitar combines the best of both worlds, featuring time-served aesthetics and forward-thinking design ingenuity. The ash body provides resonance, tone, and 'correct weight' comfort, while the correctly radiused contoured body enhances playability.

The trio of Wilkinson WVS Alnico V pickups deliver scorching highs, rich mids, and plummy low end, offering the perfect balance for any playing style. The Wilkinson vibrato bridge is a masterpiece of detail, featuring an innovative stagger-drilled block that radically improves intonation, while maintaining incredible return-to-pitch accuracy. The 'push-in' delrin-bushed arm with variable tension provides the arm feel that suits your style.

The Vintage V6M ReIssued Electric Guitar also features a single master volume control with tone control 1 for the neck pickup, and 'Custom Mod' tone control 2 for both the middle and bridge pickup. The five-way selector switch allows for even more tonal possibilities.

The hard rock maple neck with a comfortable C-shaped profile ensures a smooth playing experience, while the Wilkinson WJ55 patented E-Z-Lok machine heads provide simple, effective locking action for increased tuning stability. The staggered string post heights also provide the correct string rake angle for smooth vibrato action and correct playing tension.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, the Vintage V6M ReIssued Electric Guitar in Natural Ash is a keeper. With its classic vintage tone and contemporary power, this guitar is sure to inspire you to play on and on. Don't miss out on this incredible instrument. Order yours today and experience the magic of the Vintage ReIssued Series.

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