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Vintage V100MRTSB Les Paul sähkökitara

Vintage V100MRTSB Les Paul sähkökitara

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Looking for a guitar with a story to tell? Look no further than the Vintage V100MRTSB ICON electric guitar. With its genuine tone woods, heavy duty, aged Wilkinson hardware, and authentic recipe pickups, this guitar is packed with character, charisma, and cool.

The distressed tobacco sunburst finish and hardware give the Vintage V100MRTSB ICON the look of a guitar that's seen a thousand gigs, but the good news is that all that mojo comes fresh out of the box. And with its unique evolutionary body shape, graceful descending bass side shoulder, and ingeniously designed offset heel, the Vintage V100 offers improved access to the upper frets and enhanced playability.

But it's not just about looks - the Vintage V100MRTSB ICON is also a powerhouse when it comes to sound. The pair of Wilkinson MWVC Double Coils mix traditional appearance with contemporary punch and power, and the Wilkinson Tune-O-Matic bridge provides ultimate fine-tuning of each string for superb intonation.

With its classic Vintage headstock design, mahogany body with maple cap, and 22 medium profile frets, the Vintage V100MRTSB ICON is a guitar that's built to last a lifetime. And with its smooth action, reliable tuning stability, and comfortable, accurate playability, it's a guitar that you'll want to play on and on. So why wait? Order your Vintage V100MRTSB ICON electric guitar today and start making your own road tales to tell.

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