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Vintage V132TVY ReIssued TV Yellow sähkökitara

Vintage V132TVY ReIssued TV Yellow sähkökitara

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Looking for a guitar that's all about the raw, unbridled tone? Look no further than the Vintage V132 ReIssued Electric Guitar in TV Yellow. This stripped-back, workhorse of a guitar features only the bare essentials, allowing you to get straight down to business.

With its classic single cutaway, solid body design, the V132 has enjoyed enduring popularity through every classic age of the electrified guitar. The unique offset and ingeniously-designed cutaway afford the player unlimited upper fret access for maximum playability. And with top quality Wilkinson® tuners, bridge and tailpiece, you can count on flawless intonation and supreme tuning stability gig after gig.

The V132 employs two Wilkinson® WP100 pickups, in the neck and bridge positions, controlled by twin volume and tone pots, allowing you to explore a variety of wide-ranging tones with ease. And with an unbound, fitted with 22 frets and dot position markers, this guitar is all about the stripped-back, workhorse aesthetic.

The body is made of mahogany, providing resonance, tone and 'correct weight' comfort. The bridge is a Wilkinson GTBCR compensating bridge, providing superb intonation all over the fretboard in a fixed bridge. And the neck is one piece mahogany with a classic Vintage 'soft C' profile for instant comfort, speed, accuracy and great feel. The fingerboard is made of Lignum Rosa™ for outstanding tonal transfer, responsiveness and durability with a traditional 1.

When you need a guitar that's all about raw, unbridled tone, endless playability and unquestionable staying power, the Vintage V132 is ready to help you get your hands dirty. Don't settle for less - get your hands on the Vintage V132 today.

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