Vintage LV52BS ReIssued Electric Guitar ~ Left Hand Butterscotch

Vintage LV52BS ReIssued Electric Guitar ~ Left Hand Butterscotch

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Introducing the Vintage LV52BS ReIssued Electric Guitar in left-handed butterscotch finish - a true masterpiece in both design and sound. This guitar is a faithful reproduction of the original, featuring the iconic Wilkinson WTB bridge with staggered brass saddles for individual string intonation. The steel baseplate adds to the tonal effect of the magnetic field of the pickup, resulting in the ultimate tone machine.

Crafted with an Eastern poplar body, this guitar provides resonance, tone, and comfort with its correctly radiused contoured body. The hard rock maple neck boasts a classic Vintage 'soft C' profile for instant comfort, speed, accuracy, and great feel. The traditional 10" radius fingerboard provides a positive feel and superior playability.

Equipped with a pair of Wilkinson single-coil pickups, this guitar delivers traditional tones combined with contemporary power. The WVTN pickup at the neck and WVOB in the bridge position offer a wide range of tonal options. The single master volume and tone controls with a three-way pickup selector switch allow for easy adjustments to achieve your desired sound.

The Vintage V52 also features 22 medium profile frets, a 43mm graphite nut, and a classic Vintage headstock design for balance and visual appeal. The Wilkinson WJ55S patented E-Z-Lok machine heads provide a simple and effective locking action for increased tuning stability.

This left-handed butterscotch beauty is a part of the Vintage ReIssued Series designed and created by Trev Wilkinson and the UK Vintage design team. If you're looking for a guitar that combines classic design with modern features, the Vintage LV52BS ReIssued Electric Guitar is the perfect choice for you.

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