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Vintage V6CAB ReIssued Electric Guitar ~ Candy Apple Blue

Vintage V6CAB ReIssued Electric Guitar ~ Candy Apple Blue

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Introducing the Vintage V6CAB ReIssued Electric Guitar in Candy Apple Blue - a true masterpiece of design and sound. With a body made of American Alder, this guitar boasts unparalleled resonance and comfort, enhanced by the contoured body and correctly radiused edges.

But it's not just about looks - the Vintage V6CAB packs a serious punch with its trio of Wilkinson WVS Alnico V pickups. Expect scorching highs, rich mids, and plummy low end - perfect for any genre.

The Wilkinson vibrato bridge is a marvel of engineering, featuring a stagger-drilled block that improves intonation and maintains pitch accuracy. And with the ‘push-in’ delrin-bushed arm, you can customize the arm feel to suit your style.

The Vintage V6CAB also boasts a balanced set of Wilkinson WVS vintage-voiced Alnico V pickups, with staggered, chamfered edge pole pieces for authentic tone and contemporary power. The reverse wound, reverse polarity center pickup provides hum cancelling in switch positions 2 and 4, while the Wilkinson double coil pickup in the bridge position provides high output and hum cancelling operation.

With simple, effective locking action for increased tuning stability, the Wilkinson WJ55 patented E-Z-Lok machine heads round out this incredible instrument.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Vintage V6CAB ReIssued Electric Guitar is a keeper. So what are you waiting for? Play on.

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